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The Projects of QEF e-Learning Ancillary Facilities Programme

The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Quality Education Fund (Fund) collaborate to jointly promote the "e-Learning Ancillary Facilities Programme" (the Programme). The QEF has reserved HK$500 million for the implementation of the Programme. It consists of 22 projects covering emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, and Metaverse.

All funded projects and e-learning tools in the Programme are developed in collaboration with university scholars, educational organisations, technology experts, and participating schools. They cater to the learning and teaching needs of different stages and subjects. The funded projects will be completed in phases between 2024 and 2026 and will be fully launched in the market thereafter. Schools can choose to use the project outcomes based on their specific needs.

As the strategic partner of the Fund, HKPC is committed to:

Introducing excellent e-learning solutions and providing professional support services to recommend suitable projects for schools. Please click here to watch introductory videos of the 22 projects.

  • Regularly updating information and activities related to the Programme's projects (such as workshops, lectures, and school trials). Please click "Activity Tracking" button in above to register receiving the project information and the latest updates on using the project outcomes sponsored by the Fund. (the form is available in Chinese only) 

For inquiries, please email

Overview of Program Projects:

Teacher Training

Intelligent Design-Aware Learning analytics empowerd 21C L&T System (IDEALS)The newly developed Intelligent Learning Design and Learning Analytics System (IDEALS) is an electronic learning and teaching tool that provides design, application, assessment, and feedback capabilities for primary and secondary school teachers.The Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) at the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
Apply AI teaching and classroom management skill practice for pre-service teachers in Field ExperienceUsing AI algorithms, this programme detects and analyses teachers' facial expressions, gestures, voice, and tone during teaching, providing improvement suggestions to help teachers mastering communication and teaching techniques.Department of Special Education & Counselling, The Education University of Hong Kong

Language  (including Chinese Language and English Language)

"Metaverse English Learning World" AI Companion Robot and Virtual Environment to foster Students’ English Speaking SillsThis project utilises chatbot technology as a platform for students to enhance their English conversation skills through interactive conversations with the robot. It covers aspects such as popularity, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and intonation.Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Revitalizing Open English Materials Through Multimedia Components and Creation of a Mobile Application to Support LTI: Facilitating Blended Learning and Self-Directed Learning for Primary 1 to Secondary 6

The learning system in App incorporates English teaching materials developed by universities. It includes rich multimedia elements and interactive features to support English learning at different stages. 


Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching, Hong Kong Metropolitan University
AI – assisted Virtual Reality English Speaking Program for Secondary StudentsThis project combines AI voice assistance and VR technology, equipped with Qculus headsets, iOS and Android mobile apps, a speech laboratory, and a blended learning management system. It provides students with an immersive global English conversation self-learning experience.

Center for Language Education, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


LingoTask : AI-Powered English Teaching and Learning SystemUsing the AI English teaching system - LingoTask, this system automatically assesses students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in English and provides real-time feedback.

Stanley Ho Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


A New Learning Era of Learning, Evaluation and TeachingThe AI English reading platform of this project provides teachers with intelligent filtering and compilation of assessment content. The system also offers automated grading, analysis, and feedback, providing comprehensive support for classroom learning, teaching, and self-study effectiveness.Yan Chai Hospital Board of Directors
Use innovative technology to make assessment paper interactive, collect learning data and generate analysis automatically

Enables the transformation of paper-based assessment exercises into interactive electronic format. Allow students to self-grade questions with standardised answers. The system intelligently analyses learning data to identify students' strengths and weaknesses.


Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe
Knowledge Overlord - a self-sustaining AI game-based online platform to enhance students' literacy ability and 21st century skills.

The gamified online learning platform, "Knowledge Overlord," combines AI technology, online gaming, and e-learning to effectively improve students' reading abilities and literacy.


School of Nursing and Health Studies, Hong Kong Metropolitan University


Dissemination of Borderless Lab365 platform to secondary and primary students The LabXRA platform utilises combination of online remote laboratories and portable wireless equipment (APS - LYP system), allowing students to safely engage in authentic scientific experiments with breaking the geographical and time barrier.Department of Applied Physics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Developing e –Content for Robotics Education : Using Learning Management System to Promote Blended Learning Model and Content Sharing A robot creation activity platform based on the "SWEETIE" theory. Utilising LMS for blended learning and achieving systematic, efficient, and engaging STEM education.Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong
Programming e-Learning and Assessment PlatformThe platform assists students in learning PYTHON code programming and provides assessment and self-learning features. The platform includes real-time code review and feedback capabilities, as well as a repository of relevant programming problem sets.Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (HKYWCA)
The use of Algorithm and AI technologies to enable Adaptive learning in Mathematical EducationAn all-in-one blended learning platform, combined with AI technology, providing personalised content for students to meet individual learning differences and promote self-directed learning in the field of mathematics.

Department of Mathematics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Values Education & Special Education Needs (SEN)

Enhancing Literacy Education with Artificial Reality Neo-platform (eLEARN)2.090 value-based learning units combining VR technology, covering Chinese, English, and General Studies subjects, providing an immersive learning experience for primary and secondary school students anytime, anywhere.The Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) at the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
Using Big Data to “Teach precisely, Learn efficiently” to further Develop One-stop Learning Management System and e-Learning resources to cater for different learning needs

Further develop the e-learning platform Rainbowstar to provide electronic resources that better meet the needs of schools. The project consists of five main components:

  1. Creating e-learning materials that align with assessment learning objectives.
  2. Developing a data analysis platform.
  3. Enhancing the interactive features of the existing e-learning platform.
  4. Developing personalised self-learning courses.
  5. Developing compatible tools for sharing capabilities.
Sam Shui Natives Association School Fund Limited
Digital Physical Quotient and Learning PlatformAn educational electronic platform that integrates AR/MR for the development of physical intelligence, analysing the growth of both fine and gross motor skills as well as cognitive abilities in children, and providing quantified data results.Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


E-Learning Platform of Chinese Art History and 3D PaintingThe platform combines the study of art history with Chinese history by utilising freely rotatable 3D models of ancient Chinese paintings, such as Dunhuang Mogao Cave murals (selected excerpts), "Emperor Ming's Visit to Shu" and more.Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University
Geography E - Learning Package about Climate Change, Version 2.0The project has successfully launched the 1.0 version and has been well-received by the academic community. The brand new 2.0 version not only includes comprehensive climate data updates but also incorporates AR/VR technology, interactive online games, optimised field trip programmes, workshops on creating personal weather instruments, and the introduction of personal weather stations to pilot secondary schools. These additions enrich classroom teaching resources.Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre


EduVenture® Self-directed Learning Resources Programme : General Studies in Primary Education and Citizenship and Social Development in Secondary Education  

EduVenture® is an outdoor learning application designed specifically for students. It aims to stimulate learning motivation through inquiry-based learning. To date, it has been adopted by over 500 schools. The programme will develop 15 sets of brand-new resources on General Studies for Primary Schools and Citizenship and Social Development (CS) for Secondary Schools, in line with future curriculum needs.


Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CLST) , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Animation, Coding, Cognitive Tool as Pedagogies for Subject Learning, Self-Regulated Learning, and Computational Thinking Development : Coding, Chinese Language, English Language, and Mathematics The platform provides animations, cognitive tools, and worksheets as teaching materials, implementing instructional methods that promote self-directed learning. This allows students to develop independent learning capability while acquiring knowledge in relevant subjects. The project also aims to spark students' interest in programming through their learning process in various subjects, thereby fostering the development of their computational thinking concepts, practices, and positive attitudes.Artificial Intelligence and Digital Competency Education Centre (AIDCEC), The Education University of Hong Kong
Learning Management System and Knowledge Management with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data The platform supports various common functions and features of a Learning Management System (LMS), and advanced AI technology analyses and evaluates students' learning progress to enhance the interactivity of learning.Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
Learning & Teaching Made Easier Sik Sik Yuen is dedicated to establish an electronic teaching platform that meets the needs of the education sector, known as "Teach & Learn at Ease". This platform aims to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning, making educational instruction more diverse and efficient.Sik Sik Yuen




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