Give your students the tools to LEARN!

To promote innovation and entrepreneurship, Inno Space launched Pilot Programmes for universities and tertiary educational institutions.

For a special offer, universities/ tertiary educational institutions can enjoy the following 1-year package:

  • Enroll your students (age 16 and above) and teachers as members of Inno Space without additional membership fees

  • Enjoy 50% off Inno Prototype machine training workshops (i.e. HK$150 per 2-hour training workshop instead of HK$300).

  • Free induction session to Inno Prototype with safety training

The package lasts for 1-year, with the start date being the time of approval for the school’s application.

Offer is valid until 31 August 2020. Don’t miss out. Sign up now!

To join our prorgramme, please

  1. Download our reply form by clicking the button below, and

  2. fill it out, then email your application to

HK$8,000 per department