Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) has set up Targeted Fund (TF) to subsidise Incu-App/ Incu-Tech companies to cover a part of the cost incurred for technology and business development.  

To support the startups participating in these programmes, Inno Space offers a selection of prototyping services. HKSTP will sponsor a maximum of 75% of the expenses incurred for services below, quotation comparison can be exempted for covered expenses.

Incubatees are recommended to obtain prior approval from HKSTP for certainty of successful application of reimbursement.

CIU1STPInno Space Partner Creator Annual MembershipAnnual membership for individuals looking for prototyping equipment. Includes the use of equipment such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutting machines, traditional machienery, VR room, motion capturing equipment and more. Inno Space is a platform/makerspace located in HKPC Building in Kowloon Tong. For details please visit innospace.hkpc.org.• Access to all of Inno Space (Limited to 30 hours of use per week, not including events and seminars, non-accumulative) • Safety training session from skilled technicians (does not include paid machine training workshops) • Machines and rooms can be booked at 30- minute intervals, with a maximum of 4 hours per session, with the exception of 3D printing machines• HK$100 cash deposit for the access card, which will be given back to you upon the return of the smart card.
I4U1STP3D Scanning ServiceProvide 3D scanning service for reverse engineering or product development• Measuring area: R300 x 230mm (Detail resolution (point spacing): 0.12mm Measuring area: R135 x 100mm (Detail resolution (point spacing): 0.05mm) • Provide stl modelItem to be scanned, fitting one of the measuring areas, to be provided by client.
I4U3STP3D Metal PrintingProvide metal 3D printing service for direct manufacturing• Metal 3D printing • Material: maraging steel (comparable to 420 grade stainless steel) • as-sintered surface finish • Size: smaller than 250mm x 250mm x 180mm • Tolerance: +/-0.2mmSTP file to be provided by client.
I4U4STP3D Nylon PrintingProvide HP Jet Fusion high strength nylon 3D printing service for direct manufacturing• Material: nylon PA 12 • Tolerance: +/-0.2mm3D file to be provided by client. STL file preferred.
I4U5STPFull Color Resin 3D PrintingProvide Stratasys J750 Color 3D printing service for direct manufacturing• Material: resin (hard or soft material) • Tolerance: +/-0.02mm (hard materials); +/- 0.2mm (soft materials)3D file to be provided by client. STL file preferred.
I4U6STPMetal Injection Moulding, Debinding and Sintering ServiceProvide mould manufacturing and small batch production of metal parts• Material: stainless steelSTP file to be provided by client.
SMD1STP3D CAD servicesHigh-quality professional 3D CAD Services will be provided in order to achieve more constructive way for product/machinery developers and inventors to connect with their potential licensees, manufacturers, and their customers.• Suggestion for components fabrication methods • 2D/3D engineering drawing, 3D CAD files for CAD/CAM machining • Reverse engineering CAD files of the ProductsConceptual design (hand sketch or drawing) in 2D CAD or 3D CAD format, to be provided by client. AI and Photoshop files also acceptable.

There are also other service packages that are not yet eligible for the targeted fund, but are at startup-friendly prices. Ask us if you need:

  • 2D Engineering Drawing & 3D CAD Drawing

  • 3D Scanning Service

  • PCB Prototyping by DragonFly 3D Printer

  • 3D Printing - Different Materials (Metal, Nylon, Full Color Resin)

  • Metal Injection Moulding, Debinding and Sintering Service

  • Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Analysis

  • Material Modification 

  • General Complete Watch Testing 

  • General Quartz/Electronics Movement Testing 

  • Plastic Injection Moulding Mould Trial Service 

  • Surface Treatment Service

  • Simulation Services 

  • Engineering and Critical Components Mechanical Properties Testing and Failure Analysis 

  • AI Development Supporting Service

  • Electronics Product Testing and Reliability Test

  • Electronics Component / PCB Reliability Test

  • Conductive Measurement Service for 2.4GHz Bluetooth  / WiFi Wireless Equipment 

  • EMC Testing for Lighting Equipment

  • EMC Testing for Household Equipment

  • EMC Testing for Medical Equipment

  • EMC Testing for Wireless Equipment

  • Plastic Lens Mold Training

  • Precision Plastic Injection Molding Training

  • CNC, Grinding, Milling and Lathe Machine Operations Training

  • Training on AutoCAD / Cimatron for Intustrial Application

  • Fabrication of Lens Prototypes

  • Precision Measurement for Mold Parts and Products


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If you have any questions about HKSTP’s reimbursement policy, please contact your respective HKSTP incubation programme manager.

If you have any questions about Inno Space’s service packages, please email innospace@hkpc.org or call +852 2788 6118.