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TutorTraining FutureSkills Certificate
HKPC x Coding 101 STEM Instructor Certification Program VI
(Only traditional Chinese version is available.) 學員不僅可獲取 STEM 教育最新發展情報,更可累積豐富教學經驗。完成實習後, 更可獲頒發「STEM Instructor Certification」證書,成為團隊認可的專業 STEM 導師,穩步開展 STEM 教育職涯。
Maker Workshop DIY 3Dprint LaserCut
Maker Workshop - X'mas and New Year Edition
(Only traditional Chinese version is available.) 創客是一個融合資訊科技及「動手做」的活動體驗。學員透過與導師和同學互相交流,創作一個獨一無二的項目,展現節日的喜悅。​融入這個實踐學習體驗中,製作難忘的作品,與我們一同慶祝節日!
TechEd learning and teaching expo workshop
Learning and Teaching Expo 2023
STEAM Cyber Security AI
Smart & Secure STEAM Day
Join us for a Smart & Secure STEAM Day. Explore cybersecurity, innovation, and AI by engaging experiential learning approach.
Our Service
Inno Space provides a hub for students, educators, and parents from primary schools, secondary schools, and universities to engage in TechED STEAM and drive innovations. We offer them the linkage to real business cases, career guidance, and entrepreneurship concepts to facilitate the development of homegrown technology talent.
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Inno Network

An event space for workshops, seminars and networking.

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Inno Idea

Where member can hold meetings, design products and develop apps.

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Inno Prototype

The maker area for creating prototypes.

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What our participants say about us
STEAM Bootcamp
Student participant
I joined the TechEd STEAM Bootcamp in Apr and learnt a lot about AR technology in Smart City. Also, the maker workshop inspires me on the using prototype creation in future Smart City or even Smart Campus development.
Maker Workshop
Inno Space Member
In this Maker Workshop, I can create my own product while have the chance to learn laser cut and 3D printing.
Youth Aerospace TechEd Programme
Secondary Student
I broaden my horizons by learning Flight Simulation, Space Science knowledge, AR/VR, 3D Printing and Cube Satellites prototyping. The aerospace study tour also aroused my interest in developing my career in aerospace field.
QF Promotion in Schools
Secondary Student
In addition to communicating with industry representatives and experiencing the work and development opportunities in different positions in the industry, this activity also gave me a better understanding of the qualifications framework and career paths.
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